“Attendant X is more flexible and easier to manage than any systems we’ve used before. As it’s cloud-based, it’s a lot more cost effective as there are no servers to manage, and there’s no software patching needed either.” 

Robin Honeyman, Network Analyst, Bath Spa University 

The Background
Bath Spa University is a vibrant and historical higher education institution nestled in South West England. The reputation for teaching has been recognised with a Silver rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework and has just under 8,000 students enrolled each year.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the education sector, Bath Spa knew that its call operators would be working from home for the foreseeable future. With the upcoming surges in admissions over the summer, the University’s call operators needed a user-friendly call system.

It quickly became clear the PeterConnects’ all-new Attendant X platform was the best solution here. Not only was Bath Spa the first to trial the new solution, but by working closely together, the platform was up and running in just four days.

The Challenge 
Bath Spa University contacted ITGL, an award-winning IT consultancy partner. After initial discussions with them and conducting an audit on Arc, the university’s current call handling infrastructure, it became obvious that modernisation was needed.

One of the main challenges with using the previous system was its lack of connectivity. Arc’s proprietary software needed to be linked to the operators’ login details – through the university’s network.

This called for the call operators to be physically onsite, which during a period of remote work – and given the uncertainty around returning to work generally – wasn’t an option.

The Solution 
However, Bath Spa’s facilities management team was already poised to overhaul the existing telecoms systems, but as the outbreak increased, the requirement for a Web-Based solution became paramount.

Working closely with ITGL, PeterConnects was able to have its new Attendant X solution up and running at Bath Spa within just four days by accelerating the data capture and configuration process – and with the university’s full collaboration.

Featuring a state-of-the-art user interface and new software architecture, PeterConnects Attendant X sets new standards for ease of use. Its web-based architecture means it can be used at any location and on any device with internet access. Its integrated workspace makes it easy for operators to handle calls from multiple channels – including messaging services such as WhatsApp.

Users can also add and customise widgets; and even add third-party applications as required. Attendant X is also compatible with Cisco and Microsoft Unified Communication platforms as well.  After implementing Attendant X, PeterConnects then held a short training session – via video conference – showing Bath Spa’s call operators how to use the new platform.

“Like all new systems, users are naturally nervous at the start, especially if your previous system has been in operation for 14 years. However, after presenting the benefits of Attendant X and after see how simple it was to use in the training the call operators were keen to get started.”

Robin Honeyman, Network Analyst, Bath Spa University