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Improving Call Handling

A powerful state-of-the-art telephone operator console. It provides a range of smart features enabling fast, easy, and efficient call handling – as well as distribution for organizations of all types and sizes.


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Optimising Connections

PeterConnects Attendant is a powerful telephone operator’s console providing a range of smart features for fast and easy call handling, and efficient call distribution for organizations of all sizes.


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Empowering Service

PeterConnects ServiceDesk is an economical solution for organizations who want to provide a function – such as a help desk or service desk for their employees, customers, or partners. PeterConnects ServiceDesk offers rich functionality at a very attractive price, and is easy to use.


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Managing Reachability

PeterConnects ManagerAssistant gives organizations and teams the ability to manage their reachability 24/7. Designed to ensure all calls are handled efficiently, it also gives managers and teams the flexibility to set a selective reachability status.

Anywhere365 Attendant Console

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The Reception of Tomorrow

Provided with the right technology, your receptionist or attendant will add productivity and a great CX for your business. The Anywhere365® Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams is the most user-friendly reception console available today and brings a new standard for guidance to call transfers.

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We are currently using the Business Edition of the Cisco Unified Attendant Console which works perfectly well as a corporate switchboard system but is not designed for hospitality, particularly with regards to what we are trying to achieve in a 5-star hotel

Beaumont Hotel

Like all new systems, users are naturally nervous at the start, especially if your previous system has been in operation for 14 years. However, after presenting the benefits of Attendant X and after see how simple it was to use in the training the call operators were keen to get started.

Robin Honeyman, IT Manager, Bath Spa University