As the world went into lockdown for the past two years, there was a lot of panic as businesses scrambled to onboard cloud-based services in order to keep themselves running.

The majority of the businesses have had time to settle into remote working, we are seeing them analyse their setups, trying to finetune the systems they have in place – for the future.

Shifts in Company Culture

Because remote working is here to stay, businesses now have the opportunity to reduce their overheads. Many are already downsizing their office space and on-premise equipment – as part of a strategy to accommodate ‘hybrid’ (partly office, partly from home) working.

Many who now work from home can see the benefits of increased flexibility – and the absence of a commute. However, pre-lockdown the issue of trust was a real point of contention for many bosses and team managers.

Thankfully, that concern wasn’t warranted, with most people actually being more productive when working from home. This increase in trust and transparency has strengthened confidence all round.

Technology has played a significant role in helping forge these bonds – video calls in particular.

Call Management

At PeterConnects we’ve seen a big uptake in our call management software since lockdown began. Our web-based console is compatible with both cloud and hybrid on-premises systems. Platforms like ours are ideal for remote working, as they allow people to communicate from anywhere on any device.

By using call management software, our clients have been able to provide even better customer service. Because remote workers have the tools to manage inbound calls and transfer them seamlessly to other members of their team, they are more productive than ever before.

The flexibility of our Receptionist and Attendant software means that we are now able to migrate customers on legacy or on-premises systems and take them to a fully cloud based setup.

Everything they work with is exactly the same – no retraining is even needed. As downsizing of office space continues, we expect to see more and more migration to the cloud and so this is a feature we are really excited about.

Remote Work: The Way Forward

We can see a light at the end of the tunnel with COVID. Although it will dissipate, its impact will now be with us forever, with greater amounts of remote working and further reliance on the tools which connect us. In the future we’ll see new technology woven into them – things like augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Although it has been a tough period for many, because of the sharp adjustments we have all made, workers are going to have the opportunity to be happier and healthy whilst also being more productive all because of working from home.

If you’re looking to make the most from your remote working setup and want to improve your customer experience at the same time then reach out to us today.