About The Beaumont
The Beaumont hotel is a luxury 5-star hotel set in the heart of Mayfair, superbly located, grand in style yet intimate and welcoming, its design is inspired by the great Art Deco hotels of the 1920s and since its opening the hotel has been delivering the premium service levels that their guest expect and demand.

JDM Software was approached by The Beaumont hotel in the hope of solving a set of problems the receptionists were experiencing with current switchboard system which was causing several issues with guest services teams and hotel guests themselves.

The Beaumont hotel commented “We are currently using the Business Edition of the Cisco Unified Attendant Console which works perfectly well as a corporate switchboard system but is not designed for hospitality, particularly with regards to what we are trying to achieve in a 5-star hotel”.

The Beaumont’s requirements
The primary problem, when guests checked-in to the hotel the guest database was not updated for several hours so when a guest called for ‘service’ they were greeted with the wrong name. There was also the need for the hotel to be able to easily configure their own directory, prioritise calls, to view the status of the Microsoft calendar and send messages to mobile telephones.

A list of requirements was created by the hotel and within 48 hours JDM Software advised The Beaumont what could be achieved and by when. Delighted with the proposal and with a vendor that listened and was willing to help with them with their problems, the project was then given the ‘green light’.

The solution: PeterConnects Attendant
The new software was on-site and ready for installation within seven days much to the amazement and pleasure of the hotel and especially the receptionists. The actual installation took less than two hours with commissioning and personalisation taking another hour. The JDM Software installation engineer was involved at all times to support the on-site Cisco partner with the installation process and to ensure the receptionists were trained and happy with the operation of the console, all this was completed in one working day.

Attendant by PeterConnects is known in the market for its flexibility while being easy to use.
Attendant by PeterConnects continues to run at The Beaumont hotel today and all requests made were successfully implemented. The key request been the ability to synchronise the guest’s directory in real time to ensure receptionists have the latest database presented to them so they can offer the personal service that The Beaumont hotel is renowned for.

Attendant is known in the market for its extendibility and ease of use. The additional functionality of real time and historic reporting plus advanced call handling have helped The Beaumont hotel deliver the 5-star service their guests deserve.