PeterConnects’ new release for Receptionist for BroadWorks is already up and running! Version BW2021.03 features numerous improvements – all designed to enhance your call handling experience.

The Contact list has undergone a major redesign. The new architecture provides support for additional contact sources in the future. It’s also possible to cache results – providing a better user experience and reducing load on the backend.

This is a major update and includes many enhancements. Highlight includes:

  • A revamped contact list. It is now possible to sort your favorites list and see your most recent contacts When you click the ‘Show favorites’ button, you can also drag and drop the contacts to the location you prefer.
  • Device selection from the menu. You can now select your preferred device for answering and making calls using Receptionist.
  • Multi-column display for contacts. The Contact list now displays contacts in multiple columns. By dragging the size of the F6, more columns automatically appear or disappear.
  • New call flow widget. Call handlers can now use the new call flow widget to see the flow of the current incoming call, as well as the call history of the current caller.
  • Detailed control of the ACD state. When the user is signed in, the ACD state can be changed to ‘Available’ or ‘Unavailable’.
    Learn more about these new features and others here.